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LTL Compassion Center for Veterans L3C

LTL Compassiod Center ‘Testimony’ DISABLED VETERAN OWNER OF ALL VET COMPANY RESPONDS: The disabled Veteran owner of an all Veteran company emailed asking for me to call and discuss available help for the Veteran. He has short term and long term solutions to suggest to the homeless Veteran. Acting as intermediary to protect the homeless Veteran’s identity, I called him this afternoon! The man is a gem, one in a million, and a true supporter of disabled Veteran’s rights, right to work if they wish, and right to access all the programs for which they are qualified/eligible. A fountain of knowledge and ‘how to’, if I thought this man could handle the inundation I would list him as the very first resource any Veteran should go to in learning how to deal with the VA, claims, and government grant programs! However, he has need to be careful of his own health and should pick and choose which situation he becomes involved with. How to contact this disabled Veteran has been made known to the homeless Veteran along with my recommendation to discuss the issues with him and to hear him out before making decision. Gary Kendall: disabled USAF Veteran; Constitutionalist.


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