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Cogo Capital

Asset-based lending to investors looking for funding on non-owner occupied residential and commercial investment deals. All Cogo Capital loans are evaluated with asset-based standards, as opposed to the conventional standards utilized by banks and other institutions. That means that even if you don’t meet the stringent requirements and guidelines of banks and more traditional lenders, you can still quickly and confidently make offers on real estate deals.

Direct Lending

Computer Equipment Leasing and Financing
Printing Equipment Leasing and Financing
Commercial Vehicle Financing and Leasing
Auto Shop Equipment Leasing and Financing
Fitness Equipment Leasing and Financing
Restaurant Equipment Leasing and Financing
Machine Tool Financing and Leasing
Sign Leasing and Financing
Medical Equipment Leasing and Financing
Construction Equipment Leasing and Financing

Online App

Hamilton Receivables

NO personal guarantees;
NON-recourse credit exposure;
NO term agreements;
NO volume requirements;
NO reserve escrow accounts;
The ability to age invoices before factoring;
The flexibility to pick which invoices to factor and which to retain;
NO customer estoppel agreements;
The fee-saving opportunity to retire invoices prior to client payment

Professional Financial Associates

PFA Venture Capital for Commercial Mortgage Hedge Fund Lending
PFA Signature Loan-by Mail Program
PFA National Residential Lending Programs
(FHA – FNMA and FHMLC – VA – USDA – Reverse Mortgage) – Non Agency JUMBO
PFA Corporate Finance Program
PFA Phone-In Mini-Lease Program
PFA Construct/Land/Rehab/FixnFlip
PFA Mortgage Warehouse Lines of Credit for Mortgage Brokers
PFA Peak Performance Instant Cash-Flow based on daily cash flow
PFA Micro-Loan(TM) Merchant Cash Advance
PFA NEW CHECKs Advanced(TM) Program- For Retail Merchants
PFA Consumer Installment Financing for Larger Purchases
PFA New Vendor Backed Leasing Program
PFA New Short-Refi Program – For Current Real Estate Value -Upside Down
PFA Seeking to Purchase Mortgage Loans From Banks & Thrifts
PFA Loan Portfolio, Mortgage Pool & Individual Mortgage Loan Acquisitions From Conventional Lending Institutions
PFA Small-ticket titled asset program Minimum transaction size of $30,000
PFA Middle-market and large-ticket transaction $250k to millions of dollars

MOST Common Loans CLOSING Right NOW!!

Bank-FORCED Refinances:
– 90% to 50% LTV
– 10 to 20 Day Closings Possible
– YOU are the HERO when “dumping Bank” takes a DISCOUNT on Pay-Off!!
– Owner-Occupied/User Properties in 39 States
– Investor-Held (N.O.O.) Properties in 34 States
INVESTOR-Held Purchases & Refinances:
– FAST Closings in 10 to 20 Days
– LTV from 60% to 50% based on Property Type (Line #1 to #17 on Rate Sheet)
– Available in 34 States ONLY (see Rate Sheet for Full List)
OWNER-OCCUPIED User Purchases & Refinances:
– Multi-Use (Offices/Warehouses/Some Retail) Purch. or Refi. to 90% LTV with SBA
– Special/Single-Use (#4 to #17) Purch./Refi. from 80% to 85% LTV with SBA
– New Construction or Major Expansion 75% to 80% LTC with SBA
– “Non-SBA” Closings in 10 to 20 Days (60% to 50% LTV)
– SBA Takes 35 to 55 Days usually
– Available in ALL 39 States

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